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Open Positions

Super Quik is a growing convenience store operation with 14 convenience stores and 8 Subway restaurants.

Under the ESOP plan, Super Quik employees will earn stock in our company through what is essentially a retirement plan designed to invest in company stock. Employees earn stock based on their time with the company and their compensation level.

At the end of each year, they earn additional stock based on another year of service, and after five years of credited service they become fully vested in the plan.

All employees who work 500 hours or more in a year earn a stock contribution to their account and all employees who work 1,000 hours or more in a year earn a year of credited service.

This is a great ground floor opportunity to work for a company that has an unlimited future.

We are seeking qualified individuals for entry level positions such as cashier, hourly Assistant Manager and Salaried Associate Manager positions for our company.

The Associate position requires retail experience to accept this position as we call it, "a Manager in training". The Associate Manager position has all Manager benefits such as access to company health benefits, vacation time, and sick days.

The Associate Manager trains until an opportunity presents itself to move up to Manager.The Associate Manager salaried position is a 50 hour work week and requires moving between stores as needed.

The Assistant Manager position is an hourly position that requires up to 40 hours per week. The hourly Assistant position comes with retirement and vacation time. Both positions require evenings and weekends, as well as holidays or whenever the manager is not present.

So if you'd like great pay, unlimited future growth, and a "fun" environment, please submit your cover letter and resume by using the APPLY! link provided at the top. Thank you!